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Richard Brody on a performance of Brahms’s Second Symphony, conducted by Paavo Järvi:

“When the music built in urgency, Järvi made its outbursts sudden and awesome, with slashing rhythms and harrowingly great contrasts of volume and tempo. Here, too, the small orchestra, with its responsiveness to the conductor and its lack of inhibition, brought something new to the music, baring the frenzies latent in the symphony and in the form-obsessed neoclassicist who wrote it.”

Above: The Estonian-American conductor Paavo Järvi. Photograph by Hiroyuki Ito/Getty.
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Light up your nights. #BeMoreTea
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Let Lipton sprinkle in a little extra sun in your day. #BeMoreTea
Credit: Sam Cannon
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The ladder in the bunk house
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Nights in July
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Cold Tub Time Machine
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Alex Yoder working on a 4x4 for the railings
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Heavenly Bodies 6# - Starry Eyed by LouiseMcNaught
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